Hi, I’m Katie! 

Ever since I was young, I have been an avid learner and book reader. At any given time, you can find me in the midst of some form of learning program or with my nose deep in a book. This learning journey has taken me a number of places, from a formal education as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist to the beaches of Thailand and mountains of Peru learning all about the body and nervous system in yoga training. While I hold many titles, some of those that I hold near and dear to my heart are: therapeutic yoga specialist, learning and development professional, and coach.
But more importantly than the titles I hold - I'm a Human Being - an observer and learner of the human condition - an experience lover - and a seeker of freedom, ease, and connection. I’m an individual who sees the truth. I’m here to listen, witness, and hold space. To observe that which does not want to be seen or expressed and then allow it to be.

As my most authentic self, I’m here to show up for myself and others and to investigate all matter of human form systematically and allow it to be.

I guide those who are looking to grow and (re)connect - first and foremost to their innate oneness, and through that connection to self, to nature and others. My goal? To give you permission to do what you want, be who you are, love yourself in all forms, and to go after your deepest desires.
I’ve combined my yoga training and formal education with my corporate experience as an I/O Psychologist and learning and development professional to bring you content and programs that will help you get grounded, slow down, find balance, and (re)connect to your innate oneness, in all its forms. From coaching to yoga & meditation to Human Design, dream analysis, and shadow work, I use contemplative practices that will help you change your life and go after your dreams. In this space, we focus on the mind, body, and soul, on and off the mat.

Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.  David Whyte.