About me

Hi, I’m Katie! I can’t wait to help you grow and (re)connect.

I accidentally stumbled across yoga on Pinterest in 2014. I wasn’t looking to fall in love with anything, but I had come across a pin that suggested committing to a 30 day home practice before joining a studio and then moving on to becoming a yoga teacher. So, I found whatever resources I could online and practiced at home for 30 days straight. After my 30 days was up, I found a studio nearby and the rest is history.

Since then, I’ve completed my 200-hour teacher training, become an E-RYT and finished my 500 hour RYT as a Therapeutic Specialist through Yoga Medicine. I’m certified in Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki I and II, and as a RAD Yoga Mobility Specialist and Master Coach.

I’ve combined my yoga and formal education with my corporate experience as a learning and development professional to bring you content and programs to help you grow and (re)connect. From yoga/asana to energy healing to education for yoga teachers in a variety of formats. You’re sure to find something here that meets your needs and will help you connect with your innate oneness, own your energy, and unleash your potential. If there’s something you need that you don’t see, send me a message and we’ll work together to find it.


After I realized yoga could help me find peace and balance outside of my day job, I was hooked. As I continue to learn and grow, I'm here to share all of the knowledge and powerful practices I've learned, with you.