Believe in Yourself Day 2: Using a Mantra

Believe in Yourself Day 1: Deep Breathing
January 29, 2019
Believe in Yourself Day 3: Meditation
January 31, 2019

Welcome back! How did day 1 go? Did you practice your breathing? If not, that’s ok, you can always go back and practice when you get a chance, but I do encourage you to at least read through the post.  It’s good to have options and the first post includes a little background on why we are working through each of these “tools”. Day 2 is all about coming up with a mantra.

Day #2: Mantra

Shannon Kaiser, who among many other things has a website that has been rated in the top 75 percent for personal growth and in the top 100 for self-help blogs, wrote an article for mindbodygreen that talks about haters in life and how they can affect us. The biggest problem with encountering haters in life is that when we encounter them, we can experience low self-esteem and self-loathing as they criticize the efforts we are trying to make to move our lives forward. They do this by attacking us when we do or share things and by leaving us with a sense of fear that they are going to spring up and criticize us if we try. This is where mantra can help you to stay strong and believe in yourself! It’s harder for these haters to get to us when we are confident and self-assured. Having a mantra can help you feel more confident and secure.

How do you come up with a mantra? You’ll want a short, clear and simple statement that you can get behind. And you’ll want to post it in multiple spots around you where you can see it on a daily basis so that you remember to repeat it daily. You can have more than one if that works for you, but it’s often easier to start with one before adding more in. You can come up with one on your own, or a simple internet search will yield plenty of results.

Day 2 To-Do: Find a mantra that speaks to you. Make sure it’s clear, ties to what you are working on or towards, and is short and simple enough that you can repeat it without trying to remember what it is*. Once you have it, write it down. You might even put it on a mirror or wall you look at multiple times a day (in the bathroom for example). Try to spend a few minutes today repeating it to yourself. 

*If you’re good at remembering things, you can always make it a little longer, because as always, this is about what works for you!